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Download the 2015 AgendaDownload the 2015 Agenda

For more information on the speakers and sessions download the  agenda.

If you prefer to receive a copy via email contact with the subject line 'Channel Mgmt Summit Agenda - Web'

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  • Perspectives on Channel ManagementPerspectives on Channel Management
    Three leading expert speakers from the last Channel Management Summit share insights on topics including channel conflict, GTM strategies and analytics. The contributors are a Senior Director at Walmart, a VP from NCR Hospitality and a VP at Harmonic Inc. Each of the experts also discusses how channel management strategies have helped increase sales in the past year.

Fast Track Your AttendanceFast Track Your Attendance

  • Channel Management Summit - Registration FormChannel Management Summit - Registration Form
    Download the registration form or if you prefer contact with the subject line 'Channel Mgmt Reg Form' to request it via email.
  • Past Attendee SnapshotPast Attendee Snapshot
    The Channel Management Summit brings together cross-industry experts for three days of Workshops, Case Studies, Panel Discussions and Networking Sessions. Held in Los Angeles, the event features executives like you who are trying to optimize their channel management strategies. To give you a sense of who you’ll be able to network with and learn from at the event, here is a snapshot of who attended the previous events!



  • 8 Principles for Successful Channel - Partner Onboarding8 Principles for Successful Channel - Partner Onboarding

    Onboarding a channel partner is a complex process. Download this article for 8 principles for successful channel - partner onboarding.

    If you prefer to receive this article via email contact with the subject line 'Priciples for Successful Chanel - Partner Onboarding'

  • Increase Revenue with Better AppointmentsIncrease Revenue with Better Appointments
    Most sales reps have the skills necessary to move a sale forward once they’ve met the customer. What’s often more difficult is getting the essential first meeting.

    The following article contains 10 steps that will teach you practical tactics that can immediately increase the number of prospects in any B2B sales pipeline.

  • Cloud Computing for Channel ManagementCloud Computing for Channel Management
    Cloud computing, including Software as a Service (SaaS), is here to stay and continues to become a larger piece of the IT budgets of small businesses, as well as global organizations.  Twenty one percent of companies are piloting SaaS applications, according to a recent Forrester Research Report.
    Gartner Research recently predicted that the SaaS market reached $9.6 billion in 2009. Not bad in a tough economic year. In fact, the research firm predicts growth of a similar fashion for the next four years and in 2013 Gartner is forecasting the SaaS market to reach $16 billion.
  • Consumerization Driving Cloud AcceptanceConsumerization Driving Cloud Acceptance
    A thunderstorm of noise has surrounded cloud computing during the past few years. Vendors, analysts, journalists and membership groups have all rushed to cover the cloud medium - although everyone seems to have their own opinion and differing definition of cloud computing.

    According to the most common definition, it is Internet-based computing where shared resources, software and information are supplied to users on demand, rather like a utility company would supply electricity, water or gas. 
  • DonDon't Let Channel Management Ruin Your Customer Experience
    Firms competing in channel-intensive markets are regularly challenged to satisfy finicky and value conscious customers without introducing too much cost and complexity.  All too often, however, a firm’s customer experience and value proposition is compromised by channel partners whose objectives, value proposition and capabilities are strategically incongruent.  

    To maximize customer satisfaction, managers should understand how their channel partners – such as resellers, portals, service providers, installers and retailers – interact with buyers through the entire marketing-purchase-service continuum.
  • R.I.P. the Old World & Why Cloud Causes Inevitable ChangeR.I.P. the Old World & Why Cloud Causes Inevitable Change
    Doing the same old same old won't deliver those old margin retaining results we all enjoyed ten years or more ago. In our sector this is not only about supply and demand competition from online stores for physical product, but much like comparing Netflix to blockbuster we are seeing many IT solutions fully moved to the cloud.  Meaning the actual customer no longer procures physical goods of hardware and software and no longer needs someone to plug it together and come out and maintain and upgrade it. Read more from Ian Moyse, Sales Director at




  • Times, Resources & Content: A PartnerTimes, Resources & Content: A Partner's Top Challenges
    In this interview, Leslie Bois and Jim Sullivan, Directors, North American Channel Sales, Kaspersky Lab, discuss the main challenges of educating and managing channel partners. They also address how to name effective strategies for identifying and recruiting the right partners, motivate and drive sales and communicate value propositions.
  • The New You: A More Strategic, Integrated and Targeted Channel Partner

    Michelle Chiantera, Senior Director, Americas Partner Marketing at Cisco, talks about the shift in customer buyer behavior and how the roles of marketing and sales need to be more strategic, more integrated and more targeted in order to positively impact the bottom line.

    She also discusses the biggest mistakes companies make when implementing mobile and cloud channels and the fear surrounding increased consumerization.


  • Whitepapers: Lawfully Controlling Resale Price ErosionWhitepapers: Lawfully Controlling Resale Price Erosion
    Euegene Zelek, Partner at Freeborn & Peters LLP, is one of the nation's foremost experts on pricing and channel management law. In this report, he shares 4 papers he's written about price erosion including:
    • "Nine Options to Address Problem Discounting"
    • "Stopping Resale Price Erosion"
    • "Legal Tools That Support Value Pricing"
    • "Establishing an Effective Minimum Resale Price Policy"
  • Make a CRM System Work for You as an IT ResellerMake a CRM System Work for You as an IT Reseller

    For any organization that resells products or services it’s important to maximize your gross margins and ensure cash flow is healthy, particularly in today’s competitive market.

    At the same time, however, you need to deliver the highest quality service possible to your customers at the lowest cost to your business while differentiating yourselves in a positive manner.

    Get this mix right and you have a highly successful company with happy clients, growing sales, healthy profits and happy staff that are able to take customer development and loyalty to a whole new level. Read more from Ian Moyse, Sales Director at

  • Creating Successful Marketing Enablement ProgramsCreating Successful Marketing Enablement Programs
    Take a look at this whitepaper by Hawkeye Channel on how to drive effective partner marketing using the tools that work!